About Marlene
Art by Marlene A. Boonstra, MA_AWS-TWSA
I am happy that you have found this site and hope you will visit often for updated work!

​I am a studio artist, educator, and performing artist that loves creating Art and helping others find their creative voice!
I have worked as a studio artist for over 35 years. I have a Master's degree in Studio Art and am a signature member of the American Watercolor Society and the Transparent Watercolor Society of America. 

I have been graciously represented by galleries in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois. I currently have artwork at the Blue Dolphin House and Gallery in the Garden in Door County Wisconsin. 
As is evidenced in my gallery,  my work is predominantly about the relationships between people, places and the things that matter most to them. My principal interests and concerns in teaching and making art is recognizing that, for me, creating is an act of both profound importance and visual reflection as it is revealed through nature and our relationships with each other. My undergraduate and graduate work is in psychology and my love for the subject informs my work.  I hope you find peace and  reflection as you view my gallery.

In addition to my studio work, I have been actively involved in education and have taught Art at the Penninsular School of Art in Door County, hosted many workshops for adults in watercolor, and taught K-12 Art at Timothy Christian Schools, Chicago Christian High, Elim Services for Special Needs, and served as an adjunct professor at Trinity Christian College. Please visit www.created2bcreative.blog if you are looking for really wonderful lesson plans to try.

Recently, a musician and I have teamed up to form "MusArte Duo" a performance team. We perform for audiences - Gail playing piano/violin/viola while I paint. We are available for corporate, private, and fund-raising events. We especially enjoy presenting the sights and sounds of specific Art periods. This is a new adventure in Art and we are excited about sharing our talents and making new connections with fellow art lovers!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at 708 420 5784 or [email protected]